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The Life of an Incredible Woman - A Story Worth Telling

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Put pen to paper and write down your life story with this question-and-answer book that ranges from childhood to the golden years.

A few years back, Nancy Mbatika received a “DIY” memoir from her grandparents detailing their personal history—the best gift she ever received. She became passionate about creating a tool to foster storytelling. Her project: a book that would inspire women to tell their stories. 

The Life of an Incredible Women: A Story Worth Telling is a souvenir book for women. From childhood to the golden years, it covers family life, loves, studies, careers, travel, historical events and much more. This Keepsake journal is in a question-and-answer format and will guide the user through memories: an inspiring testimony of inestimable value. Pay tribute to an exceptional woman!

Why we love it?

  • Easy to use, high-quality album format.
  • Thoughtful & inclusive prompts (Nancy Mbatika is a reminiscence workshop facilitator).
  • In a question-and-answer format, it allows you to recall small and big life moments, to write your story and share it with your loved ones or to capture those precious memories for yourself!

Useful for

  • It's a wonderful gift idea! Gift this keepsake to your mother, grandmother, aunt, godmother, colleague, friend or why not for yourself!
  • You can also fill out this book with your life story, and pass it on. Your story on paper is also your legacy. It's a precious gift for children & grand-children.
  • It's a great activity, especially in the current social distancing context.
  • It can also be used remotely, by transcribing your loved one’s answers into their book.

      "I've offered several copies of the book to women in my network who are always very happy to receive this tool. I have started to fill out my own copy; I find it really interesting to look at all these stages of life and leave a trace. I hope to finish it as soon as possible so I can pass it on to my children and relive those memories with them. -  M-Thérèse

      I have received it and bought it for others as well. The reaction is that of being happy to have a tool (the book) to gather one's memories and also it makes us revisit our life and that of our close or distant family. Also in this time of global pandemic, it is important to take note of it and to record our feelings which are real in real time. We are sometimes inclined to forget or embellish or distort our memories . I recommend it to everyone. The women's version, the men's version and now the English version! - Marlene

      What a beautiful idea this book by Nancy Mbatika. A book in which you are the heroine that allows women to take stock of the most important moments of their lives in order to leave a trace of their passage as a legacy. - Isabelle Racicot (TV host)